Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday! 6.10.16

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| O N E |

I LOVE summer - that's no secret! Two things I love about summer (among the oh-so-many) are sno cones (specifically the Fuzzy Navel or Pina Colada flavors) and Dippin' Dots, in pretty much ANY flavor except banana split.

Funny thing. I love banana splits, but don't like banana split flavored things...
I enjoyed several of these bad boys in the past week.

| T W O |

I signed the girls up for the Summer Reading Program at the local library.
We LOVE the library! Especially being a homeschooling family, but we would make use of it either way. We go to weekly story times, weekend story times, and pretty much any other activity they provide. Doesn't hurt that it's across the street from a small playground and free splash pad. :)
This week (first week) of the summer program was about reptiles. They had a tortoise named Shelly, a lizard with no legs, an African bullfrog named Bubba, a milk snake and a boa constrictor. 
A boa constrictor.
Because I'm the nerd and chose to sit right beside the guy doing the show, I got front row footage.
Anyway, do you see that snake heading for that poor mans head? It's not just the angle of the photo, either. It was really going (slowly) for his head. And he was totally ok with it.
I was not.
Sara and June LOVED it, though.

| T H R E E |

| F O U R |

I caught this sweet picture right here earlier this week. My sweet baby still takes naps almost every day. We all have quiet time and she generally falls asleep. We put the girls in bed by 8 or 8:30 every night, but she can never fall asleep right away. Neither can Sara. I think they read far longer than we think. I'm okay with that. :)

| F I V E |

And ya'll - this man right here finises his LAST five-day stretch of chemo today, FOREVER!
About two more weeks of shots and two small chemo doses and he is D to the O to the N to the E with chemo! God has blessed him so much. It's been neither easy nor fun, but he's bore it like a champ. This cycle was MUCH easier than last, and whether you want to account that to God or to a change in medicine is up to you. I'll continue to thank God.

I hope ya'll have a great weekend! Since Mike will be recovering, we don't really have any plans. May go to the library tomorrow, maybe play in the park and splash pad some. Lots of sprinkler/pool fun at home. And church on Sunday!

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