Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meal Plan, Weekly Recap, Transplant Update & Mono, tTimes 2!

Okay. My life is crazy busy at this point, so let me catch you up with the insanity!
Monday the girls both went to school. I worked here at time, got things caught up and a few small projects wrapped up. That night, June woke up very, very sick. I took her to the doctor Tuesday morning and guess what - SHE HAS MONO! I knew it was going to happen. They sleep in the same bed and they're kids. No matter HOW much we try to keep them from eating and drinking after one another - it's just going to happen eventually. So, she's flaring up. And she also has strep and double ear infections. Bless her little heart. :( But with antibiotics and Tylenol/Motrin to help with fever & pain, she is on her way back to good health. So today (Wednesday) she stayed home with me while Sara went on a field trip. apaw & Aunt Allie (my dad & sister) tagged along with Allie's new baby, Bradyn. And I got some great snuggles with Big Man after they got back. Oh man, it was GREAT!
Tomorrow evening we are heading out of town and we'll be enjoying the weekend at my mom's. It's Michael's birthday tomorrow & my mom's on Friday! So we're going to relax and have a nice weekend getaway.
Because I didn't post it Monday, here's our (simple, sparse) meal plan for this week.
Monday: sandwiches & chips
Tuesday: bbq chicken, purple hull peas, roasted cauliflower & carrots
Wednesday: chicken pot pie
Thursday: out for Michael's birthday
Friday - Sunday: at my moms, so who knows!

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