Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Menu Plan Monday (on a Tuesday)

This week is  little different. I had planned on going to my moms Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help with my cousin who broke her leg and is waiting on surgery. Sunday, we got out of church to a million missed calls and messages that my siste had gone into labor! So we spent Sunday night at the hospital (more on that later) and then I was sick Monday. Now it's Tueday and things are a-ok again, thank goodness! So here's what is going on this week:

Monday: vegetable soup
Tuesday: beef tips in gravy, white rice, peas
Wednesday: I'm not sure yet - need to look in the cabinets again
Thursday (going back home): chicken and dumplings
Friday: hamburger helper
Saturday: gone for the weekend
Sunday: gone for the weekend

We are gong to be so busy this week! I'm  sure it will fly by. Hope ya'll have a good one!

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