Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I was reading The Newly and stumbled on this post. She wrote about "Sometimes..." and I thought I would "steal" her idea. I want to give her credit though, so go check her out!

-- I don't want to homeschool anymore because it is pretty stressful. Am I teaching the material well enough? Am I incorporating enough? Are they getting enough social interaction? And, you know....a little peace and quiet never hurt anybody.

-- When my oncologist/hematologist calls and leaves a voicemail, I sometimes won't check it for quite some time. What if it's bad news?

-- I let my house get messy while I sit on the couch and eat chips Dill pickle ones. They are awesome.

-- I wash the same load of clothes in the washing machine 3 or 4 times before getting off my lazy hind end and put them in the dryer. Don't judge. You've done it, too.

-- I still lay down with June when she goes down for a nap. She's 4, and I don't care what your opinion of it is. She is likely our last, unless the Lord works a miracle, and I know these days are very limited. I treasure what I can for as long as I can.

-- This may sound morbid, but I think of how my family would be if God chooses not to heal me here on earth and instead calls me home to Heaven. I pray all the time that He gives my family sweet peace if that should happen. I pray for a Goly, kind, loving, steady woman to become my husbands wife and join him in raising our children. I pray she loves children to piece and that she will treat them like her own. I pray that she is able to provide him with more children and that there are no differences shown between them. I already know who I want to fill this position and I have told Mike. Crazy? Maybe. But when you're in this position, you don't take any chances.

-- I am too hard on the girls about making sure their room and bathroom is clean. I sometimes feel like I should just do it all for them, but I know that isn't teaching them anything.

-- Speaking of their room, I sometimes could care less if they dug a hole to China in there, as long as they are occupied and being quiet.

--Sometimes I make my husbands plate for supper.

-- Other times....I could care lsss if he ate grass for supper.

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