Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Catch-Up & Meal Plan Monday! 10.20.2014

Hey ya'll! I hope you had a great weekend and week last week. We did pretty good. Sara was diagnosed with mono early in the week and so we mostly stayed around home, tending to her and waiting for her to feel better. Both girls are back in school today, so hopefully I will have time to write more often. :)
Thanks Sis. Crissy for the bag of clothes you sent our way!
We are loving all the sweet dresses - and they were needed!
Monday I had Bible Study that morning and music practice that evening. This was before Sara got sick. Tuesday we just hung out at home, getting things done and all that fun stuff. Wednesday, Sara came home from school and went to bed before 5:00. She slept until 9 Thursday morning. She did wake up a few times in the night to get sick, but then she slept pretty much all Thursday. A quick trip to the doctor was scheduled, and we found out about the mono. :( I am so sad for her, but it's like I tol Mike - I cannot and will not complain because it is just mono. There are children out there who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses and mono just makes you feel really bad. So Thursday & Friday we stayed at home and let her rest. She was feeling better by Friday afternoon, and I met with June's speech therapist - all good news! She is progressing well and there are no new concerns. She will likely continue therapy into Kindergarten (next school year) and she will have the same therapist within the school, which I think is great. Saturday we took old Maxie Waxie Woo-Woo (yes, we really do call him that - poor boy!) to the vet, and wouldn't you know it - he still has hookworms. So frustrating! So a change of his medicine and hopefully this will knock it out. Mike went hunting that morning & then went out with the church tht night to Judgment Journey while the girls & I stayed at home and had a grand old time having a girls night in. I love these kinds of nights!
Whatever we did, we must have slap wore the girls out, because this is what I found this morning:
And ya'll know it's Monday - so that means I'm sharing our meal plan for the week!
Monday: Spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread
Tuesday: chicken curry, white rice, steamed broccoli and naan
Wednesday: fbreakfast scramble w/ potato, peppers, egg, cheese, sausage
Thursday: tuna sandwiches & carrot sticks
Friday: chicken pot pie
Saturday: pesto ranch chicken thighs, purple hull peas, roasted cauliflower)
Sunday: chili
Monday: spinach lasagna roll-ups
We kind of have a super busy week. I needed easy things, but there were a couple recipes I waned to try out. The curry, chicken thighs & spinach lasagna roll-ups are all new. The chicken curry is from fellow YouTuber DoItOnaDime (btw ya'll - she does awesome videos on couponing and organizing the CHEAP way!) and the pesto ranch chicken thighs & spinach lasagna roll-ups are from HowJenDoesIt, who also has a YouTube channel (and she's great, too!). I also have two cakes to bake this week for a cake walk at a fall festival this weekend. I think I am going to make a pineapple pound cake and I'm not quite sure about the other one.
I hope ya'll have a great Monday & I'll see you again soon!

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