Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap & Meal Plan Monday!

Hey ya'll! We had a really great weekend - and I hope you did, too! We left out Friday afternoon for my hometown, and we stayed there until Sunday evening. Mike went hunting (didn't catch anything, unfortunately), we attended a graduation party (congratulations to my brother-in-law for graduating college! And of course I did not get one single good picture!), a birthday party and lots of good times with family. I was whooped when I got out of bed this morning. Matter of fact, we overslept. I woke up at 6:35 and Sara had to be out the door at 6:55. We made it with the mercy of God! :)

Like I said, Friday evening we attended a graduation party. My brother-in-law Kyle graduated college after working at it for 9 years - between enlisting in the USAF, basic, tech school, moving internationally twice, within the States too many times to count, and moving house too many times to count. And retiring from the USAF as well. We are all very proud of him and he is an inspiration to us!

Saturday morning the girls & I woke up to was the Christmas parade day! So we bundled up and headed downtown to the square for the parade. 

Waiting on all the fun to begin!
The little police station beside the river.

I love this view. This is the Tallapoosa river, and located on this river are several dams. This is the one that separates our town into the east and west sides. The bridge is about a mile long and curved. I've heard that at one time, it was the longest curved bridge in the US. I don't have anything to back that up, though, but I don't care - it's still beautiful! Also, legend has it that when the bridge/dam was built in the 30's or 40's, that a man fell off into the wet concrete and was swallowed up alive. Legend also has it that there are fish as big as cows and school buses down there - hence the movie Big Fish, which was filmed about this river - and parts were also filmed in this town.

Can you get any more nostalgic? Fire engine, American flag, police department.

Notice the tiger on the water tower? Go Tallassee Tigers!

How and why they need Segways in this town, I have no idea!

If there's anybody reading this that works for the city, next year you should have these guys LEADING the parade! What better way to open up with than with these two flags?

If you live in the area - check out A Dash of Fashion! I LOVE the owner - she's a wonderful Christian woman who has prayed many times for me and I for her. Such a great business to support!

A long time favorite -the old cars!

This was just about the end of the parade, and the girls were freezing so we headed back to the car to check out the loot they got:

Sara decided she wanted to try a Warhead.
These pictures explain themselves.
Be sure you have a Kleenex handy - you'll laugh so hard you'll cry!

One of the funniest things I've ever seen!

Sunday, it was freezing and foggy. We headed to little Owen Adler's second birthday party, and this was the scene that awaited us. I thought it was so pretty!

Owen was born while I was in the hospital in Atlanta the first go around. I remember my mama telling me he was here, and I remember praying his mama hadn't had too much of a hard time.
Owen is the spunkiest little fellow around! 
And he is giving his mama payback for her shenanigans as a child! 


The weekend ended with supper (thanks mama!) and some quality family time. 
I think they're excited, don't you?!

Now on to Meal Plan Monday.

Monday: cheese manicotti with salad and garlic bread
Tuesday: sun-dried tomato chicken sausage sauteed with onions and potatoes, mixed veggies 
Wednesday: chicken spaghetti (pulled from the freezer) and green beans
Thursday: bean soup with diced ham, cornbread
Friday: fish fillets (don't judge), fries, peas
Sunday: Christmas with my dad!

I stayed on plan last week and I am SO proud of myself. The week went exactly according to schedule, but the weekend variated just a bit. I made the meatballs Friday night like I'd planned, and since I was at my moms (ie - limited groceries in her pantry!) I used a pack of mushroom onion gravy mix, a pack of Lipton onion soup mix, and water. They turend out SO good! Saturday night I made taco casserole, which consisted of shell pasta, ground beef, taco seasoning, a jar of salsa, a can of crushed tomatoes, shredded cheese and crushed tortillas on top. Served with chopped green onion & sour cream - so delicious! Sunday my mama made chili. 

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