Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap 2013

We had a really great Thanksgiving this year, even though the week beforehand the girls were sick and June ended up with two types of the flu. Bless her little heart, she ran a fever of 105 at one point. Two trips to the ER and many prayers later, we are all healthy!

My family always gathers on Thanksgiving Day around noon to eat a big lunch. Over the past few years, different ones have branched out and instead celebrate with their own little families, so who brings what has changed somewhat. But it's the same menu every year - turkey, ham, potato salad, greens, deviled eggs, dressing, corn casserole or corn salad, butterbeans, and maybe a few things thrown in. Typical southern, and I love it with every piece of my heart!

I'm so thankful for my little family. It isn't what I thought it would be; I always pictured many children filling up our home, but God is showing me that two is what we need. Two is enough. 
And I love them VERY much!

Cade is quickly growing into a young man. It kind of makes me sad.
Actually, it makes me a lot sad. I remember the day he was born - I even remember what I was wearing - and I can picture those little IVs in his head and praying God would make him better (he was born with pneumonia). Well, He did, and Cade is one of the joys of my life. I love that kid!

This picture cracks me up. We're silly and we know it!

One of my most favorite places on earth - in the country, by the water.

I just love my little girls so much. They will never understand until they have children of their own.

This year, we have a new addition to our family. After  many long years of waiting, Bubba (yep - told ya'll my family is country!) finally met and married Cindy, and we love her to pieces. This picture, to me, just shows how much they love each other and how honest and deep it is. I have NEVER, IN MY LIFE, seen him so happy. Normally a hardened, blunt, typical Southern man, she has changed him into a softer, more gentle, man who is easy with his words. It's like night and day. But the best part is is that she didn't try to change him, she didn't WANT to change him....just being herself and the love that she has for him did it all on its own. And I love that. And I love her!

Do ya'll do Black Friday shopping? I know some hate the fact that stores are open on Thanksgiving, but my family has made it into a really fun outing that we look forward to all year long. Various ones pile up together, meet at Waffle House or IHOP, plan out our plan of attack and then initiate battle.
Sometimes we see some brutal things.
Getting hit with a shopping cart? Being hauled out of Target because you wanted to cut in line and then got smart with the security officer/police officer? 3 fights breaking out in our little Wal-Mart (the SMALLEST Wal-Mart in the US - no lie!)? 
Yeah, it's cray-cray, but we love it anyway!

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