Sunday, September 9, 2012

lots on my mind

I have not blogged in forever.
When I'm on the "on" month of chemo, I just don't have time.
I want to do a "day in the life -- chemo edition" on my next round.
It's seriously --
wake up, get the girls ready & drop them off at the sitters,
rush to chemo,
sit there for 4+ hours,
pick up girls,
force myself topick up and make supper and do the night routine
crash into bed.
The first week is never that bad.
 The second week I'm a little tired.
The third week I am really run down.
The fourth week I feel like an 18 wheeler run me over,
backed up, and ran me over again.
(I'm not dramatic or anything!)
Plus, some of my medications counteracted a couple weeksago
and I passed out in Hobby Lobby.
WHY it had to happen in just about the best store int hew hole world
I will NEVER know!
All is well now.An ambulance ride to the hospital and several test later,
I was sent home to rest. But don't these people know I have two small children?
What is restthey speak of?
But I finished this round last Thursday and I am back to blogging.
I will have an eye surgery in a couple weeks more on that later)
and we have campmeeting coming up soon at church,
but other than that, I'm back to blogging.
I have soooo much I want to blog about!
New recipes, sewing, updates on the girls, my crazy super curly hair,
and I plan to do some deeper blogs,
talking about what I experienced while I was in the coma.
You know, you really can hear people sometimes.
It's all fuzzy and jumbled and I didn't understand
why someone was praying over me and crying...
but you can hear.
And because no post is complete without a picture
here's my sweet Junebug sleeping with me the other night.
I love that precious little girl so much!

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Lora said...

And SHE loves YOU!! And WE love YOU!!! And we are all so grateful that you are here to write this post!