Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We'll never forget.
I was so proud of our country on that day & the weeks afterwards.
American flags everywhere, Scripture signs in yards...
we praised God in the deepest valley I had ever seen.
I'm a PROUD wife to a United States Airman.
I'm proud to have dear friends who fight falong with my husband.
THANK YOU to all the men & woman who are currently in the sandbox
and many, many prayers are going out every day for you and your families back home.
This is my husband re-enlistingin front of Childrens Hospital
in Orlando, FL. June was still in the NICU there & his
leadership came down to re-enlist him.
That's part of the hospital in the background.
Talk about an emotional moment!
To my husband:
Thank you so much for sacrificingto serve our country.
I'm soooo proud to be your wife.
We're going to miss you billions when you deploy ina few months.
It hasn't been easy giving up"home"for me.
But I've learned something new...
Home is not just where my family is,
where I was born & raised...
Home is where your boots are,
where our babies are,
and wherewe can lay down our heads together.
It's all been worth it
every step of the way.

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