Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tuesday randoms

  • Yesterday June had three doctors appointments for the second Monday in a row -- and next Monday will be the same. Not lovin' it. But it's necessary. So I do it.

  • Since we spend so much time at the rehab center, I feel like the girls there are family. So I'm thinking of baking them some really awesome dessert & taking it up there. Any suggestions?

  • I had a bad doctors appointment yesterday. Found out some sad news and I need your thoughts & prayers. I am getting referrals to several specialist and will update when I know more.

  • You might have to remind me to update, because I forget every single thing am terribly busy & it may slip my mind. ;)

  • This is my last week of working with Mrs. Ruth. So sad. :( But schedule conflicts have arisen with June's speech therapy & with my classes. I am so thankful to her & her family for the opportunity to "carry me over" in a hard place.

  • Now I have to find another job....not lovin' it.

  • This is the view I see every time I drive down my mom's driveway....it's so beautiful!

  • I had 8 little vials of blood taken yesterday, but the stick didn't hurt at all! I told the nurse she was seriously awesome & she better never quit working in the lab. She said people call her "angel hands" -- thought that was so sweet! She said she practiced & practiced so that she could not hurt people.

  • We're going to the lake AGAIN this weekend -- and I'm so happy about it! Trying to cram in as much as possible before summer ends!

  • Sara is obsessed with all things fashionable right now. She is very into dressing up & putting on "fashion shows" for us. She even ropes June into it! I swear one day I am going to take pictures for ya'll to see!

  • Speaking of Sara, she has been begging for a bike for the longest time. Her birthday is coming up at the end of September & we have already purchased a sweet little princess bike with a seat for her baby doll on the back for her big birthday present. When we're around her, we've been spelling it out -- "She's getting a B-I-K-E" or whatever. Well, the other night she told my little sister -- "I'm getting a B-I-K-E for my birthday and I can't wait to ride it!" LOL....I think she's got us figured out!

  • And last but definitely not least -- isn't this sweet little thing just precious? I love her so much! She has such a temper and such an independent little attitude that she wears me out most days, but moments like this I just want to squeeze the ever loving daylights out of her!

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- dls - said...

hope everything turns out well with your appts!