Friday, August 12, 2011

fill in the blank friday

Hey ya'll! It's Fill in the Blank Friday!
Before I get started I just want to proudly say that this week,
since TUESDAY (the day I began), I have lost 3.2 pounds!
Losing weight for me is no longer a "want"....
it is a NEED because of my health.
(More on that later.)

Without further ado....

1. My most favorite birthday
was my 21st. We celebrated in Oxford, England (we were living there) with my sister, BIL, and a few other friends. Went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show musical & pub crawled afterwards.
Loved it! Great memories.

2. My worst birthday
It's a tie -- either when I was turning 14 or turning 15. The day before I turned 14, my uncle passed away unexpectedly. A week before I turned 15, our home burned & we lost everything.

3. My favorite birthday memory
was around my 12th or 13th birthday. I'd been saying forever that I wanted a surprise birthday party, and I was SOOOOOO upset that morning when I woke up & thought everyone had forgotten! Turns out my  mom had it all planned out behnd my back. :)

4. The best birthday present I've ever received Hmm..I don't know! I have enjoyed them all.
(Lame answer, I know!)

5. The best birthday present I've ever given I haven't given it yet, but it will be in May for my little sisters 21st!
We're taking her for a girls-only weekend to Panama City,
 complete with amazing condo & spa treatment all weekend. :)

6. Birthdays are
special in our family. It's the one day each year that person gets to be spoiled!
It's tradition to make that persons favorite meal & favorite dessert.
Love it!

7. My favorite age so far21! I had an awesome job, we lived in England, no kids yet, free as a bird....loved it!

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