Sunday, August 7, 2011

our weekend

Hey ya'll! It's been a minute...I've been enjoying my sweet family this weekend & haven't even had a chance to blog anything...sooo this will probably be random!

Friday my mom & I took my cousins little boy (he is more like my brother, so C is more like my  nephew) school clothes shopping. C's mother isn't in the picture, so the females in our family tries to pick up as much slack as possible. Anyway -- let me just say -- a 3 year old + a 10 year old + a tax free weekend that reminds me of the day after Thanksgiving = this mama coming home and having a nice big bottle glass of wine after the kiddos were in bed. After all was said & done -- he had $600 worth of clothes & shoes for $250. I'm thinking that was pretty good!

Friday night we went to eat at this local BBQ restaurant:
Saturday morning we headed here with our family:

Ahhhh.....a little bit of Heaven! ;)

Saturday evening we went fishing & visited with my dad and then my mom for a little while.

I hope ya'll have a good weekend!

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