Tuesday, August 30, 2011

oldies but goodies

FYI -- these pictures have no rhyme or reason. I was just going through my photos on the computer & found them. There are PLENTY more that I probably will post someday...looking at them definitely brings back a LOT of memories!

I hope ya'll have a great Tuesday. We're not doing anything but staying at home & playing!

August 2008. On a way to a childhood friends wedding...
that friend has since had a beautiful baby girl!
June looks SO much like Sara here.

Love this one. Same day as above.

Sweetest picture ever. Sara & Daddy.
Late summer 2008.

I LOVE this. My Uncle Sonny (like my father), meeting Sara for the first time.
She was probably 4 days old.
October 2007.

Great beach memories!
Sara's first trip to Destin. 
July 2008.

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