Saturday, August 20, 2011

hello lovelies!

This post is a picture dump and all around catch-up.
Consider yourself warned!

Let's see....where to start.

Last Saturday we went to the mall, & while walking around I found this:

Loved it! I so wanted to buy it for my house, but didn't. I wish I would have!
Good advice, too! :)

Sunday we just laid around all day long & didn't do anything.

Monday -- June had OT & PT. Her sweet older sister forced her to put this on:

She was not a fan!
It came off about 25 seconds later.

We did some of this:

Delaney & Homer (our two "sweet" dogs) chased this poor kitten to the top of a light pole --
but they didn't want to hurt the thing, they just wanted to play!
(It was gone the next morning, so I'm assuming all was well.)

Plenty of cool mornings started out like this:

Breezy summer nights + nothing important to do the next day =!

I love summertime -- and I'm really sad that it's on it's way out. :(
BUT, with that sad -- I am also definitely looking forward to fall!
I cannot WAIT for football to start & the cooler temperatures will be nice.
Still....there is nothing quite like sweet summertime. :)

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