Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodwill Treasures #1

Since we're a one car family (which we pretty much love), I only have the car two days a week. I try to plan playgroups on those days, but this week we just had story time on Wednesday. It has become our "thing" to go to CVS (for the weekly ECB deals) before story time, the splash pad directly after story time (because it's across the street) and then to Goodwill on the way home. Since I've discovered all of these frugal decorating blogs, I look at thrift stores and yard sales with brand new eyes. What before was just a reeeallllyyy ugly pillowcase from the 70's is now super cute vintage material to fashion into a pillowcase dress. Throw some brightly colored ribbon on there, and you're set!

I found several things at our local Goodwill today. For $10 (including tax), I got:

This purse:

I've been looking for a fall purse for a few weeks now, but couldn't justify spending a decent chunk of money because we are trying to get out of debt. This was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door! Isn't she cute?! It's apple green with choclate brown leather accents. It's made by Buckhead Betties, and by my best estimate (aka looking online) I think she probably cost about $30 new. So...for $3...I'd say I got a steal!

Then I meandered on over to the childrens section, where I found this beautiful little handmade dress for $1.99. I apologize for the bad pics -- my camera is currently lost and I am making do with my cell phone. It's perfect for fall, and will even do for winter. I think, however, that I'm going to mail this little beauty off to my sister in Mississippi so she can embroider three small pumpkins across the top. I've been eyeing a few Halloween themed bishop dresses on Etsy, but really don't feel like shelling out $40 plus shipping. I'm glad I waited!

I don't know about ya'll, but I loooove Carter's. And OshKosh. But especially Carter's. In fact, I had just received a 20% off coupon in the mail yesterday and was so excited! Then I went into Goodwill this morning, and found this cute little Carter's shirt -- and at $1.99, I can't complain!

A close-up of the embroidery:

Thankfully 90% of Sara's clothes from last winter still fit, so I bought her two pairs of shoes (cute polka dotted ones at Wal-Mart for $4 and even cuter brown ones made by Health-Tex at Ross for $9) and called it a day. But, she is having a growth spurt right now and I know those clothes will only fit the first half of winter, at best. This is a 2t, which is a bit big right NOW, but will fit perfectly in 3-4 months.

Remember what I said about the really ugly pillowcases? Well, I found one today. I wasn't too sure about the print, but I think it will be really cute with some orange silk ribbon and maybe a strip of matching orange at the bottom. Anyway, for a 10 minute project and $1.31, it's worth trying!

And lastly, there's this. I love milk glass. It is my secret passion. I have often eyed it in antique stores and at yard sales, but never bought any, for some reason. Well, today I found this little milk glass candlestick holder. It was milk glass in the middle and bronze everywhere else. The bronze was just AWFUL, but it became my first DIY project, and I have to say it looks pretty good. :)

Which I promptly used my blue painters tape and taped up (it's blurry, I apologize):

Then I primed it:

And this is what it looks like now! I don't think it's my FAVORITE, but it certainly looks better than what it did before...and will go great in my slowly-transitioning master bedroom.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see two dresses I sewed for Sara!


Together We Save said...

Wow - you are talented. Sorry the link for the caramel apple dip did not work. I guess it was quick to fill up.

Sara said...

I like the new and improved candle holder. Great Job! The clothes were cute and the pillowcase has potential. :)

Stephanie@BarefeetOntheFrontPorch said...

It's alright! No worries. :)

Sara -- thank you! I still am not sure about the candle holder, but it is definitely an improvement over its former self. I'm tackling the pillowcase dress tomorrow -- wish me luck!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It looks like you had a very productive day! Great finds.