Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Ten

This is my first time doing Thursdays Ten, hosted by Lora over at Take Me The Way I Am. She asked what top ten places in the area we live would we take a brand new visitor?

I had to think about it. We've only lived here two years, and while I grew up an hour away, the first time we had a "brand new visitor" we were still brand new ourselves. We kind of just explored everything together. I had to expand my area just a little to include places about an hour away -- because, our town just isn't THAT big. So, after some thought, here's where I would take my visitor:

1. Auburn University game....BUT, only if they were playing Alabama, and we would have to sit on the Tide's side!
2. Pine Mountain, GA. Absolutely beautiful, quaint little town. We would eat at the Purple Cow cafe, where they serve handmade sandwiches and homemade soups -- and they even make their own muscadine wine. Then we would go visiting the little antique shops on the one street...I have scored some great things there!
3. Warm Springs, GA. Just over the hill from Pine Mountain, but it's a little bigger and has more to do. This is where President Roosevelt came to access the springs he thought helped his polio. The springs are still there, and every so often they allow you to go in them. This town is FILLED with tiny little antique stores, homemade crafts stores, lemonade stands, etc. We would have to eat at The Bulloch, oh my. It's a buffet-style Southern restaurant set in an old plantation home. Beautiful, and the food is sooo good!
4. Depending on the age of my visitor, I might take them out to Fort Benning to see the guys jump. If you live in the right area, or even if you happen to be driving along on any given Thursday (I believe it's Thursday) you will see the Jump School guys practicing. It's pretty cool!
5. This one is maybe a bit selfish, but if my visit were to come next month we would definitely go to Pope's Haunted House and do the festivities there! I have been wanting to go for a long time, and I think we're finally going to go this year. They say it's NOT for the faint of heart!
6. Market Days on Broadway Street. This place is so cool to me. There are small-time farmers selling locally grown fruits, veggies, eggs, etc. and lots of artist selling their creations. Happens every Saturday morning in the summer.
7. Riverwalk along "The Hooch", better known as the Chattahoochee River (yes, like in Alan Jacksons song!) This is the river that separates Alabama and Georgia, and they have built a gorgeous Riverwalk down a few miles of it. Really nice, very peaceful, and beautiful. We love to go in cooler weather and take a picnic, or ride bikes.
8. I can't remember what national park this is, but last fall we visited the "Little Grand Canyon" and it was absolutely breathtaking. You can walk 3 miles down to the bottom of the canyon (which we didn't do, but plan on doing this fall!) and see all of God's glory above you. Just from the top of the canyon I could tell it was so beautiful because of all the leaves changing color. I love the russet red, pumpkin orange, and rich gold hues that fall brings. Perhaps that's why I painted my kitchen pumpkin spice orange?
9. The Wild Animal Safari park over in Pine Mountain. Now...some might giggle at this, but it's a really fun adventure for the whole family. Last year we went with our friends, and I have video proof that grown men WILL squeal like a baby if a huge animal tries to lick them.
10. Callaway Gardens. The gardens are just beautiful, and during the summer they have a beach area that's nice to relax on. Christmas time is my favorite, though, with all the lights and decorations. :)

So there you first Thursdays Ten! Hope you enjoyed! I'd love to read about YOUR Thursdays Ten -- just link back to Lora's blog and get to typing!


Lora said...

Thanks for playing! Now I want to visit you...sounds like a great area!

HappyascanB said...

Fun! I Love Pine Mountain, Calloway Gardens. . . that whole area is wonderful! I'm a die hard dawgs, but the Tide's my second fave, so I'm with ya on sitting in the Tide section at an Auburn game!!!