Saturday, July 20, 2013

what i'm loving lately (june)

Hey yall! Hope you're having a great Saturday. It appears to be sunny here, but I haven't been outside my hospital floor in, oh....two weeks? So I couldn't tell ya! Eh, just getting a bit of cavin fever. The view is gorgeous though so I will snap a picture of that and share with you all wonderful people later. :) Just a quick update on my health before I capture our attention with my June favorites -- I'm still doing really well and there isn't much exchange, except that my counts have indeed dropped. And I have blisters on the bottom of my feetwhich make walking my mile a day a little painful. Otherwise, I'm in good spirits and happy to be here! Anyway - here we go!

Bath and Body Works candle in "Lakeside".
This thing is amazing! It has a masculine smell but it isn't overpowering. I hate those really dark cologne smells, and this one is far from that.
They usually run under $10, which is good for my checkbook!

Continuing with the theme of candles, I've also fallen in love with the Lemon Verbena scent from Target. It's $10 and it smells DELISH. Not sugary-sweet, but still good. Kinda like a fresh-clean scent. I like to burn it on my cleaning days (Monday & Friday).

The last candle of the month that I've been loving is this one by Yankee Candle.

This one is just clean, fresh, almost a little bit fruity. I picked two up at Ulta a month ago & I"ve already burned through them both!

Avocados. Ohhh, I cannot say enough good about avocados! Until I went into the hospital, we were consuming 4-5 oft hese per week. Healthy fats! I use them plain, chopped up as a side dishw ith a little bit of garlic salt on them, or I mince them on with peppers for a topping for baked fish, in salads, or mashed into a semi-guacamole and used instead of mayo on a sandwich.

Plums. The last two weeks before I left, we re-discovered plums. The girls LOVE them. We ate theme very single day. Not bad for you, either!

Now on to less edible stuff. We have laminate flooring in most of our house and I LOVE this stuff. It makes the floor shiny, takes away the smudges and smells good to boot! (Can ya'll tell I like my house to smellgood??)

I love this stuff. I'm pretty sure it is NOT the first time it's ever been in a favorites post. I have super dry skin and this stuff is cheap(ish) and GOOD! I've been using it for over a year. I'm on my third bottle.

I just had to share.I picked them up at Target a couple weeks back for $15.
They are a cognac color and fit true-to-size.
They look amazing with all the maxi skirts and dresses I've been loving lately! :)

I must include the hubs because he is one of my favorites, too. :) He got a hair cut the other day & I'm loving it. Not so military -- after 8 years, that's fine by me! I Love you honey!

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