Sunday, July 7, 2013

exercise, waterfalls, and my girls!

Hey ya'll! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend, even though it's almost over. We've had a good one. I've been getting my Kepivance, which is a medicine used to create extra layers in the lining of your mouth so that you don't get sores and ulcers when you undergo the high dose chemo and radiation before a transplant. I'm having a side effect from it, which creates a rash on my face that can spread down my arms and chest, even after the medicine is finished. Here's hoping that doesn't happen, because it would not be very fun!
Yesterday we found a trail close to where we're staying and walked it. I've been walking for a week and a half now and I'm up to 2 miles. Yesterday I used the NikeRunner app for the frst time and while it cut off about midway through and said we only walked 1.1 miles for 34 minutes (hey - slow & steady wins the race - at least I can make 2 miles now!) we actually walked about 2.25 miles for over an hour & a half. It was BEAUTIFUL! Several waterfalls, shady, hilly,
 just so pretty and not boring at all.

Not sure if I walked the trail or ran the Tough Mudder...
it was rainy & very muddy!

 A couple who works out together stays together....right??
I think so!

My sweet mama on the 4th!

Somebody was very tired from all the fun!

 I guess all the fun tired out some of the adults, too!

The morning we left for Atlanta, my sweet baby June tried to follow us. She made it as far as the bedroom door before she laid down and fell back asleep! I miss her so much!

And just because I miss them both SO much and it's only been 3 days...

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