Sunday, July 14, 2013

bubble glove head!

Disclaimer: This blog will not be properly edited or spell checked until my eye sight comes back. Please overlook the minor things, as they are out of my control. Thank you!
Hey ya'll! I know there's been a lack of posting, but I've been settling into my new abode (aka "the hospital room" and have been trying to conquer this mass amount of nausea that has overcame me. I got radiation on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and then high-dose chemotherapy on Friday. This junk don't play, and girrrrlfraaaand was I SICK! But the Good Lord helped those doctors and nurses come up with a nice little anti-nausea regime and I'm slowly feeling more like a human and not like a cow that has been hit, kicked and left twisted in the side of the road.
Nice little analogy, eh? How's that for positive?
(Hey - gotta keep it real 'round these parts!)
This is my lovely little hospital bed. Notice I have my Bible, laptop, & phone all within a fingertips reah. The only reason the iPad isn't right here is because some heffer is hogging it on the couch I'm graciously letting my cousin Jennifer use it so her dear little heart won't be bored.
:) :) :)

This man. He has stayed by my side for months on end in the hospital...and weeks on end after that. He pushed me to start walking again (which I am up to over 2 miles per day now -- TAKE THAT, doctor who said I'd ve a vegetable!) and he never complains. thardly, anyway.
We are ready to get this thing rocking and rolling!
I have to share this one because I just don't want to forget. Some family came to see me. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you'll know and understand that Cade is like that son I never had. I love him with all of my heart and even though I want to wring his neck out sometimes, I would givemy life for him a thousand times over. While hereon his visit, he decided to take those plastic gloves (as most kids do) and play with him.
Except Cade is a weeee bit.....different.
Marches to the beat of his own drum, shall we say?
He put it on his head, tried to blow It up through his nose, and then completely melted down when it got stuck. Sweet Cindy helped him  work it.
Can't take them anywhere, I swear!
At least my oncologist thought it was pretty hilarious when he walked in. :)

This girl spent the night with me last night so that the hubs could go home, cut grass, pay some bills, and get a good nights rest of something other than a couch that does not fold out. We had us a blast  - lots of girl talk, pedicures, manis, etc. These times will never been forgotten!
                                                These crazy girls came to see me a few days ago.
I think they may be trying to pull off the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" hoopla.....
But we ain't fooled!
Thank ou to my sweet little sister Allie for the kind words. Love you!!
And just because I look like such a boy with my hair right now, I wanted  to share a picture so that you can see it wasn't ALWAYS like this!

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Hey pretty lady - praying that transplant day is a huge success!