Friday, July 5, 2013

see my trash! (june 2013)

Hey ya'll! Hope ya'll had a wonderful Friday!
I've been seeing a lot of bloggers/vloggers do "Empties" entries.
I'll be honest, I'm pretty fascinated.
I love to see what people actually use up and love or hate -- and if they'd repurchase.
The hubs says I'm totally weird, but oh well!
So I though I'd share mine with you.
Without further ado (adieu?)
These were the CVS cotton squares. I believe they were about $4.99.
I actually really liked them, but I found textured ones at Wal-Mart for about $3 that are better for me.
Second, there is this Yankee Candle in the scent "Bahama Breeze".
I LOOOVED this candle, and actually bought a second one and took to my moms for our room there
(Yes, I'm 28 and still have a room at my mother's - she lives a good bit away from us and we stay there often on the weekends)
I will absolutely, 100% repurchase this.
I bought them at Ulta for about $10 each.
Here we have, in order:
Equate brand Oil of Olay Regenerist Eye Cream - This was great!
Very moisturizing, and really helped my extremely dry undereyes.
It was about $11 at Wal-Mart, and I'll definitely repurchase it again when I finish this eye cream (which I'm definitely not a fan of!)
Blistex Medicated Lip Balm - I love Blistex. I have been on chemo pretty much for 18 months, and my lips (and skin) has lost most of its natural moisture. This is awesome for me, BUT I cannot use it alone. I use it twice a day, on average, and use a deep moisturizing lip cream in the mornings and at night. I will definitely repurchase & already have!
About $2 at the drugstore.
Crest Pro-Health toothpaste - It was eh. Wouldn't repurchase, and I didn't.
About $3 at the drugstore.
Crest Clinical Strength deoderant - Love this! For me, when I take chemo, I have some serious BO goin' on. (Hey, I'm just keeping it real!) I take on this almost sickly sweet, nasty smell. Gag. Shudder. It gets rid of it and doesn't leave any unpleasant fake scents behind. I will repurchase, as soon as I use up this not-so-great deoderant that was sitting in my drawer!
About $5 at the drugstore.
Frizz-Ease hairspray - I only bought this because I keep a small black bag in my purse with the girls ponytail holders, extra brush, bobby pins, etc. & I needed a travel sized hairspray to put in there. This was the only one Target had. Will never, ever buy again, even if it's the only one left on Earth. It did NOTHING for the girls hair. AT ALL. Except make it a nasty, sticky, stringy mess.
$1.50ish at the drugstore & not worth a penny, in my opinion!
Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen - I seriously have about 7 bottles of sunblock under the counter & this was the one with the least amount in it, so I used it up. It was good, like any other sunscreen. Runs about $9 at the drugstore.
Crest travel-sized toothpaste - obviously  I just had this in the drawer and it needed to be used. No great amazing things happened to my teeth from using it.
Banana Boat summer color - This is a spray tanner that deposited a decent amount of color. It wasn't super noticeable, though. It would be really good if you already had a tan and just wanted to add a little extra "oomph" to it. It went on really well and did not leave any streaks or orange spots.
About $7 at the drugstore.
Suave conditioner - I can't remember what line this is, and I can't read that tiny writing on the picture, but it was okay. I didn't use it personally, but I used it on Sara's hair and it did a good job for the price, whihc is about $2 at the drugstores, I think.
Shea Butter lotion - This is from Family Dollar.
It was only a couple of bucks, but seriously - it was awful.
I used it one time and then chucked it in the bin.
It made my skin feel really sticky, like I'd lathered glue on myself.
Maybe it was the bottle I got, but regardless, I'll never repurchase!
I hope you enjoyd "seeing my trash" -- maybe I'm crazy, but do ya'll like seeing these things too?

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