Friday, December 14, 2012

a whole lot of randoms!

-- So I've been gone a long time. 3 weeks I think? It's because we moved back home!
We don't have internet access yet, but it's coming soon. :)
-- A couple days ago, my phone starting spazzing out and completely shutting down.
Why? Because I had 778 pictures/videos on it. Whoops!
(By the way, I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is amazing.)
-- While uploading said pictures & videos to my mom's computer,
(because we have not joined the 21st century yet & isn't unpacked)
I found this gem:
It's June and Charlie crashed in front of the front door.
So sweet!
-- June and Sara had appointments with their pediatrician last week.
June will probably be getting glasses and will definitely be going to speech therapy.
Sara is actually now on the growth curve!
She's 40 inches and 32 pounds, and June is 28 pounds and 36 inches.

My sweet cousin Bo is in basic training in SATX.
We've been writing lots of letters to him and we finally got one in the mail this week!
It's on our fridge and it's like it's pure gold or something!
-- I ha sort of a bad appointment with my eye doctor last week.
I'm going to Atlanta on Tuesday to see a Neuro-Opthamologist, I'll know more then.
I'll be back for good before too long! Hope ya'll are doing well and enjoying the Christmas season!

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