Friday, December 21, 2012

oh frozen goodness!

My mom picked these up to try & since we're at her house, I fixed them for lunch today.
Yes, they're from a bag.
Yes, they're frozen.
But oh my -- they are SOOOOO good!
I'm pretty sure she got them at Publix & they will be a staple at our house from now on.
They're meatless, but you can't tell. I don't think they're gluten-free (it says they contain wheat-gluten) -- but I don't tink they'reTHAT ba. Much better than the alternative, for sure.
I just wanted to share before I forgot to -- because they are really yummy and EVERYBODY loved them. Even the hubs, who can be hard to please with this kind of thing!
By the way -- if you have any good gluten-free recipes or recomendations, will you please e-mail them to me at, or leave them in a comment?
We're on the gluten-free path nd I need inspiration!

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