Thursday, December 20, 2012

sneak peak of our new master!

Last summer, we painted our master bedroom.
When we bought it, the builders had used a color called "Avocado" by Sherwin Williams.
I really liked that green color, but after over 4 years, it was old.
I had in mind a certain bedding set that I had spotted at Marshalls
and somehow managed to convince Michael that we could pull it off.
It was a damask (I think?) print, in a smoky gray-blue color.
Totally girly and TOTALLY nothing
he would have ever agreed to before.
Anyway, I had these frames all pickd out and spray painted and lined out
to make a gallery wall, Young House Love style.
Then I got sick, everyhing happened & anyway, long story short --
we just got back into our house
& while the girls went to spend a few nights with te grandparents...
we hung them.
Or...Michael hung them.
I just used frames from various places (usually Goodwill, a yard sale, Ross & Marshalls on clearance)
spray painted them in an antique white color (I think that was the actual name) and bam. Done.
We didn't have a hammer, but made do with using the tape measurer.
Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

This is how it turned out:


We made it this way so we could easily add on to.
But I wasn't waiting any longer to get it up, because I probably would have never done it.
I have one more set of pictures to hang & then I will debut our new master...
over a year after we started. Better late than never, right?

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