Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday (a day late!)

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This week, the Top 2 Tuesday is what you've learned about money.

1. Saving is REALLY important. 
And credit cards are EVIL!
Seriously -- I don't know why CC companies give them out so freely to 18 year olds. Okay, maybe I DO know why, but it's sad. We do have CC's, but up until our little stint in Florida they were paid off. We had worked really hard to accomplish that, but when we had to spend an unexpected 3 months in was really, really hard. Now we're working to pay them back down. Hopefully it goes quickly! And it's important to save because you never know when something unexpected is going to happen. (See above for my vent about FL.) Who would've ever thought that when we went on a family vacation, we'd end up spending three months there with a child in the hospital in serious condition? That's just never know.

I coupon all the time. I used to only buy groceries if I had a coupon. I'd spend less than $100/month on groceries...which we absolutely needed during that time. However, I'm starting to go back to eating non-processed, healthy foods. Don't get me wrong; I still buy some boxed stuff. But I also still coupon. I'm still figuring out my monthly budget and finding the best place for "healthy" coupons, but when I get it all smoothed out in the next few weeks I might just do a post on it. :) AND -- I can't tell you how much make-up (drugstore brand) I've gotten for cheap or free!

P.S. Baby Tanner is doing a bit better, thanks for your prayers! He's still in the NICU but I heard yesterday that he had gained two ounces since being transferred. That's a good sign! And I'm starting the 30DS today...I will probably update with pictures at each 10 day interval. I'm motivated and I'm excited!


Ktater said...

Where do you get your coupons? I try to do what I can but I usually only end up saving up to $3. (Half the coupons I get are still not cheaper than buying the generic brand so I end up doing that too)

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said... matches different stores sales ads to coupons that either came in the paper or printable online, so I just look at her website every week and then buy what's the cheapest, pretty much. The trick is to pair a sale with a coupon, and some stores double up to $.50, making it $1. And you can put a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon together. The best deal is when you can get stuff BOGO free and then use 2 coupons with it. It almost becomes a game to me sometimes...I have to be careful or I'll buy total crap that we'll never eat, lol.