Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal Plan Monday! 1.26.15-

Monday: chicken and dumplings
Tuesday: pancakes, eggs and sausage
=Wednesday: whole roasted chicken, corn, roasted red potatoes
Thursday: chicken noodle soup
(with leftover chicken and broth made from it)
Friday: salmon, sweet potato and broccoli chowder, rolls
Saturday: minestrone, rolls
Sunday: crockpot garlic chicken, turnips, cowboy beans

This week is fairly simple - and I like it that way.
I'm excited to roast a whole chicken because I've never done it before.
I will (hopefully) make a post separately about that
because I have been saving the ends of my vegetables
to make delicious broth with it for soup the next day.
I also have never made minestrone so look for that one, too!
I'm using How Jen Does It
has the recipe for the minestrone.
She's never done me wrong - go check her out!
Also, if you want some inspiration - or you write your own meal plan and share it -
go link up at Organizing Junkie.
Even though the weeks meals are fairly simple, the week itself....
is fairly busy.
I went to Atlanta today for a check on my GVHD
These trips take all day.
Tuesday night is free, Wednesday night is church, Thursday I go back to the ATL,
Friday night is soccer registration for the girls,
Saturday is a birthday party for June that she will attend with her daddy,
Sara has proclaimed it a "Sara and Mama date-day"
and Sunday is church.

Is it bed time yet?

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