Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sara's Cheer Career

At the beginning of fall, Sara decided she wanted to become a cheerleader.

We signed her up and before we knew it we were on a whirlwind of practices & games!

Sara is a quiet child, and I was both worried and hopeful for this new activity. Worried because I thought maybe she wouldn't fit in - and hopeful because I thought it may open her up.

About halfway through, she decided she didn't want to do it anymore. Sigh.
There was many long talks about how we are not quitters. When we begin something, we finish it. You don't have to do it again if you don't want - but you MUST finish it. And nothing worth having comes easy. Life is not easy, but we press on regardless of how tough it is at the present time.

The last two games, she REALLY found her voice....both literally and figuratively! She poured her little heart and soul into those games, and it paid off.

Today was her end-of-the-season party, and she was presented with a trophy.
Sara,you did a great job - and we love you sooo much!

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