Monday, November 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I'm linking up over at Organizing Junkie
today for Meal Plan Monday. She has great ideas and I've already written down a few dishes for our next meal plan! Head on over & check her out. If you join in, let me know - I'd love to check your post out!

Monday: coconut shrimp, roasted zucchini, skillet corn
Tuesday: turkey burgers with tomatoes, cheddar or pepperjack, bacon, avocado & sprouts, homemade onion rings
Wednesday: breakfast for supper (pancakes & sausage)
Thursday: stroganoff, turnip greens, & black eyed peas
Friday - Monday the girls & I will be in my hometown while my husband visits his family.

This was my week to grocery shop, and I spent $233. That should last us almost 3 weeks, with the exception of picking up cucumbers, carrots, and some fruit. Not too shabby, if you ask me! 

Hope ya'll have a GREAT week! We have no  big plans today - Junebug is still under the weather, but I think one more day at home will get her back to normal. :)

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Kate Megill said...

Hi Stephanie! Nice amount to spend on your groceries for 3 weeks! Keeping mine down is a real task every single week. We have a few more people in our family and they are now mostly teen eaters but I'm inspired by your post to continue working each week!

Coming over from Organized Junkie.