Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Menu PLan Monday (November 11-17)

My menu plan for last week went out the window. I cooked every night, but I didn't stick to what was on the plan at all! Craziness. And I know this is a day late - but I was away for the weekend and got in late last night. I have a lot of catching up to do - stay tuned for pictures and updates about our fun weekend!

So last week we ended up with: 

- poor mans steak (which is a hamburger patty, carrots, and onions wrapped in aluminum foil & baked in the oven), sour cream & chive mashed potatoes, and bell pepper stuffed with tomato and brown rice

-  chicken tacos, ranch pork chops, brussel (brussels?) sprouts and smashed red potatoes

- coconut shrimp, skillet corn and roasted zucchini

- pancakes and sausage

And then we left out Friday afternoon after school and went to visit my mom for the weekend, so we ate out at a local Mexican place that evening. Saturday night we had salad, and Sunday she made spaghetti.

I also made a mistake last week. I said that I had spent $230 for 3 weeks of groceries - but actually, I spent $269. I have since had to spend some more for perishable things like milk, produce, bread, and freezer Ziploc bags to store the mass amount of turnips we've been blessed with. However, I've got another weeks worth of groceries in my pantry & won't be shopping until next week, most likely.

SO! After all that, here is THIS weeks meal plan!

- perogies, bacon & cheddar french fries
- poppyseed chicken thighs, turnips, black eye peas
- beef tips with mushroom gravy, brown rice and a frozen veg from the freezer
- rigatoni pasta with ground beef and marinara sauce, salad
- 15 bean soup with diced ham & cornbread
- turkey burgers with the fixins, homemade onion rings

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