Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh, do you know the muffin man?

Hey ya'll!
So I told a fib last week.
I wasn't back Friday like I said I would be.
But life happens and the interwebs takes a backseat sometimes.
Hoowever....I discovered today that my cancer center
has WiFi and so I will be blogging much more soon!

I finally made myself upload all 600+ pictures
from my camera today.
It was ridiculous.
I found these gems though.
Taken back in October 2011,
about a month before I went in the hospital.

Look at my little baby Junebug!
I can't believe how much they have grown since.
I missed SO much those three months I was in the hospital.

In other news, I started back to chemo today.
I forget how draining it is.
After chemo, my coousin & I had lunch at Mimi's.
I love Mimi's.
I got these yummy muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning:

The left is lemon poppyseed and the right is buttermilk spice.
Except they are not making it until the morning, haha.
My nephew has already ate some of each....
and Mr. I-only-like-chicken-fingers-and-ketchup-and-fries
 has no clue they're not a dessert.
I'm not telling!

I got this super cute contact case at Kirklands.
The doctor recently cleared me to wear contacts again
and I really needed a case...I couldn't resisit this one!
I went in there for home decor but ended up getting this instead.
I can't decorate my own home right now and it's driving me nuts.
I told my mom her house is about to get a makeover!

I hope ya'llhad a great Tuesday!

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