Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three weeks?

My last blog was 3 weeks ago!
Sorry, ya'll. We're all safe & happy, just had a lot going on.
Turned off the Internet for that time period until I just couldn't take it anymore
...but I will definitely be taking a large step away from the Interwebs from now on.
 Going that time without it was refreshing
. I was less anxious and my girls were happier
because I was spending a LOT more time with them.
 From now on, Internet is cut down to when they are asleep ONLY.

What have we been up to since my last blog? Weellll...

I turned 26.
I'm still not sure how I feel about that one.
Before I say anything else,
please don't bash me because you think 26 is still young.
I KNOW it's young.
I don't think 26 is old by any means.
I just can't believe that I'M 26.
 I mean, I still feel like I'm 16.
Does this mean I'm going to be one of those women
who are clearly older and still try to dress and act like they're 25?
I hope to God not.
 But if I am, I am giving you permission to slap me back into reality!

Anyway, the weekend of my birthday,
 my mom & some of my family went back down to Panama City for the weekend.
 This time we stayed at Tyndall AFB
 because we got a 4 bedroom TLF
 (temporary living facility, like a little apartment, for you civilians out there) for $52/night!

We had a blast.
 My girls played until they couldn't possibly play anymore.
We went crabbing on the beach the first night,
 where a very kind police officer told us it wasn't allowed
 because it was a turtle sanctuary or something like that.
That Saturday we played at the beach ALL DAY LONG.
 Sunday we ate at my favorite restaurant EVER,
 The Back Porch,
 before heading back home.

Since then we've been working in trips to the river & lake
...and this weekend we went to a music festival in our city.
They started off with blues, then some bluegrass, and finished with what I think was rock.
 The girls had fun & I enjoyed the blues & bluegrass. :)

SOMEBODY I know is turning ONE very soon!
Little Miss Junebug is turning into quite the little girl!
She cut her very first tooth on my birthday,
 she's crawling up a STORM (this started the first week of April),
 and as of this week she is slowly beginning to pull up on things!
Her birthday party is next weekend & I can't WAIT to share the pictures with ya'll!

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- dls - said...

Happy Belated birthday - 26 isn't too bad. :) I still feel young also!