Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't want to forget

....the way Sara walks Delaney, then gets tired of her pulling and starts panting little breaths and says, "Okay, mama, I need a break!"

....the way June snuggles up to my back when she sleeps with us. much Sara loves Mr. Bubbles (the fish) and she NEVER forgets to feed him!

....the way Sara sleeps all crazy. I never know if I'm going to end up with feet in my face, my back, or what!

....when Sara tells June, "It's okay Juniebuggy, there's no need to cry!"

....the way I felt when I held June as I rocked her to sleep the night before her very first birthday. Such sheer proud to be her mama. June has almost NO hair except for right on the crown of her head -- and then it sticks out like a little alfalfa sprout!

....when Sara REALLY wants to do something, she'll ask to do it, then at the end she'll say, "and that'll be fine with you, mama?" Sara makes up her own rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus." So far we have:
-- Grandma says, "Where's my doggy?"
-- Nana says, "I love you"
-- Daddy says, "I'm late for work"
-- Mommy says, "Shh, shh, shh"
-- Junebug says, "Waah, waah, waah"
-- Laney says, "I want to go for a walk"
-- Will says, "Choo, choo, choo" (my nephew loves trains)
-- Cade says, "Let's ride bikes"
-- Mamaw says, "Where's my coffee?"
-- Pawpaw says, "Where's my hammer?"

And I'm sure there are MANY more. I love it, though!


Lora said...

I miss that sweet Sara!! I hope we get stationed together again someday.

HappyascanB said...

How sweet! May we never forget all the precious little things that fill our days!