Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A short & sweet Christmas recap

Christmas started out like this:

Miss Sara caught a bug from someone at school,
and bless her heart, she got SO sick.
Then she passed it on to June (who has been sick off & on for a month now).
Who passed it on to me.
We've been passing it back & forth for days now.
Thankfully, Michael never got it.

Christmas ended like this:

First time I've ever had a white Christmas, in all my 25 years!
Please excuse the bag of Christmas trash on the front step.
Michael went to take it out to the dump & saw the snow.
Needless to say....the trash was forgotten!
I was SO happy to have snow on CHRISTMAS DAY!

And now I'm off to take care of a sickly Junebug.
Sara went home with my mom,
in hopes of getting both girls well in separate houses
so we don't pass this stuff back & forth any longer!
Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas!

(I'll be back tomorrow with a better Christmas update!
For now, I must rock my baby.)

1 comment:

- dls - said...

hope/pray your girls are feeling better soon! :)
we had an "almost" white Christmas - a few hours late.

thx for the prayers for my grandmother also!