Monday, December 6, 2010

Meal Plan Monday! 12/6/2010

Monday: grilled cheese & sweet potato fries
Tuesday: sandwiches for Sara, Progresso soup for me
Wednesday: pancakes & turkey bacon
Thursday: stroganoff, corn
Friday: salmon croquettes, corn & green beans
Saturday: black bean & cheddar quesadillas, black bean, rice, & tomato salad
Sunday: red beans & rice (made with turkey sausage)

Michael will be away Monday - Thursday, which is why we're eating a lot of sandwich stuff. This week I'm again planning out of my cabinets -- the only thing I have to purchase is rice & turkey sausage. I'm also trying this new recipe for honey plum muffins for breakfast -- I can't wait to try it! If it turns out well, I will share.

Have a happy week!

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