Thursday, December 2, 2010

7 Months!

I'm a couple weeks late. Forgive me. ;)

Junebug, you are SEVEN months old now! This is crazy to me. I think I say that every month. You are really starting to look like your own person now. You were nearly identical to Sara in the beginning, but now I'm beginning to see more and more differences. I think you take after my side of the family. You have the most beautiful eyes ever. They are green in the middle with a ring of clear sky blue around the outside. I could stare in those precious eyes all day long!

You are in a size 1 diaper. The last time you were weighed (around November 15th) you were 9 pounds, 10 ounces, and 23.75 inches. Way to grow, Junie!

You're still working with your Occupational Therapist, Victoria. We love Victoria. She's so fun for Mama to chat to, and she shares a love of SEC football! Except she's a Bulldogs fan. But she says the Tide comes in a close second, so I think we'll let her slide. ;) Next week you start PT in addition to OT. Victoria says she has no concerns currently, which is awesome news! I think you really just like her playing with you every week. She always tells you how gorgeous you are and she loves all the cute outfits and big bows I put you in! You're also still getting Synergis (Synagis??) vaccinations each month, and will for the rest of the flu season.

In this past week we have caught you picking up toys! This is a huge happening and I get so tickled every time you do it. There is a little dangly bird that I have clipped to your car seat (I showed a picture of it last week) and you will maneuver it so you can put its little beak in your mouth and suck away. I will randomly hear sucking coming from the backseat when we're going somewhere and we just laugh! You have a little rattle that you like to pick up and chew on. You don't like to be laid down on the floor much unless someone is sitting beside you keeping you occupied. You get bored VERY easily!

You love your big sister SO much and your face just lights up when you see her. Last night I checked on ya'll in the bed (you both sleep with us) and ya'll had reached your little arms across the bed to touch each others hands while you slept. You always have to be snug up against her and if she moves, you cry.

June Claire, your whole entire family is just so thankful for you. I will never forget how close we came to saying goodbye to you. You are a miracle, and we love you SO MUCH!

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