Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Doctors, bonus rooms, and Uggs

Poor JC has a chest cold. I feel so bad for her! Bless her heart, she can't seem to completely get rid of one before she gets another. A quick run by the doctors yesterday confirmed that her lungs are clear, so mama is happy. :) And holy chunky baby! She weighed in at a whopping ELEVEN pounds! That's one pound gained in 3 weeks! Way to grow, JC!

M is gone this week, so in my time after the girls go to bed I will be cleaning out the old nursery. We're turning it into a craft room/office for us. I'm really sad to see the nursery go....we had such fun painting the walls pink for Sara's arrival. So many memories...I'm so nostalgic it's not funny. But we just don't USE it anymore! So transform it will. It will definitely be nice to get the computer out of our bedroom! I'm thinking I will paint our current computer desk white, find a desk/table for my sewing machine, grab a couple of chairs in fun prints...maybe a rug...it will be heaven! Do you have an office/bonus room? Any decorating "must-have's?"

Speaking of must-have's. I saw a girl in the doctors office with these suckers on today, and now I'm DYING for a pair! I've never owned a pair of actual Uggs, but I've owned several knock-off brands and loved them. It will be months before I can purchase these, but I'd love to have a pair. They're definitely something to save for!


HappyascanB said...

Those shoes are AWESOME! I had my eye on some Bronx Linus suede boots for a year now. But I didn't want to pay $150+ for them. Found them for $50 on ebay! So, check out ebay; betcha you can find a good deal there!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

UGG's are totally worth the cost. I have several pairs of the classic short and they have lasted for literally years. Make sure you try them on before buying. They run a size or more big!

PinkLouLou said...

Thanks for your sweet comment recently about your daughter and Carrie's song :) xo