Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday! 11/29

Monday: beef stir fry, white rice, egg rolls

Tuesday: salmon croquettes, vegetables from the freezer & wild rice

Wednesday: lima beans & cornbread

Thursday: pancakes or waffles

Friday: grilled cheese sandwiches & soup

Saturday & Sunday we'll be in my hometown for a birthday party & church. I have the ingredients for the whole week on hand already -- so no grocery shopping for me! We're in grave "Dave Ramsey" mode, so this is good news for the grocery budget.
P.S. -- That veggie pizza I made last week? ROCKED! It was a huge hit and I've been asked to add it to our regular circulation of recipes. I seriously contemplated making it again this week.

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Anonymous said...

Love the menu plan - In fact I just started getting back on track with ours. Great Blog