Friday, August 20, 2010

Sicker Than Sick

April 2010 -- Sara making her "mean girl face".

We are sicker than sick in this house. All 4 of us have colds. I took June to the doctor day before yesterday because I'm paranoid like that. Thankfully, it's not in her lungs and all will be well soon. Sara's cold is gone. But mine & Michaels still is lingering around....lucky us! Hopefully it will be gone soon. I also have double mastitis....FUN STUFF...let me tell ya! I think I've almost kicked that to the curb, though. The Z-pack doesn't play! :)

Not a lot going on this week -- I've just been trying to play catch-up in the house. I've gotten the kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway completely done (read: spotless and spring cleaned!) and most of Sara's room. Yesterday while she was at school, I decorated a LOT in there. If I do it when she's here she just gets into everything. I still have to order the vinyl phrase for above her bed and resand, repaint, and replace the knobs on her dresser. And find a frame for some artwork she made. And hang the letters to her name. Okay, maybe I'm not as finished with it as I thought I was...

Today I am tackling bathrooms and laundry. My life is just so exciting! I must get as much done as possible, because tomorrow morning we are going on a little mini trip! We're dropping the dogs off to my sister for the night, and we're heading down to south AL to see Blake Shelton in concert. My cousin Britni (Hadlei's mama) and HER mama, "Aunt Tammy" as Sara calls her (which really comes out like "Ain't Tammeh"...I love my girl and her southern accent! will be going with us. I'm so excited to get away for just a night and really spend some time with Britni. What's even MORE exciting is that it's me & my mama, and Britni & HER mama going to the concert! I just know good times are coming. :) Michael is such a sa-weet fella that he's going to watch the girls in the hotel room so I don't have to leave them behind. We should get there about 3 PM on Saturday...the concert doesn't start until 9 PM....I forsee a LOT of pool time in our forecast for that day!

(Thanks to Elizabeth & Kyle for watching their fur niece and nephew!)

Speaking of traveling, we have a hotel booked in Charleston for 3 nights in October. Has anyone ever been? This is an incredibly low-budget trip....we did one of those deals with the timeshares earlier this year, before June was born, because we really just want the cruise next year. But in order to get the cruise, we have to do the hotel stay. Probably not the smartest decision we've ever made....but hey! Ya live & learn. Right? So anyway, the hotel is paid for and we're just looking for some fun stuff to do during the day and maybe a couple good restaurants at night. I hate that it's going to be October, because otherwise I would say we'd just stay in the pool. But on the other hand, October in Charleston will be lovely, I think!

I will see ya'll lovelies again Sunday!


Lora said...

i'm sorry you're not doing so well...hopefully there will be no trace of that on your trip!

i've never been to charleston, but i have wanted to forever. so i'll be hoping for pictures and a recap :)

HappyascanB said...

Boo for colds! Summer colds are the worst! The concert sounds like it'll be fun!

I've been to Charleston a few times, but don't know enough to recommend specific places. It's beautiful! They have a cool market in town that's fun to walk through. And last time I went we did a carriage tour which was really cool, but may not be fun for little ones.