Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 2 of "Operation Find Skinny Girl"

It went pretty well today. I got in more water than I did yesterday. Still no exercise...blah. I love exercising, but it seems like I can't find time for it. I know, I know....people say, "MAKE TIME!"
Those people definitely don't have high need babies.
I actually am in the process of cancelling my gym membership. I LOVE the gym. I hate getting up and going, but once I'm there, I'm a big fan. But a) we need the extra $50/month now that we have a car payment (negative equity SUCKS) and b) It takes 20 minutes to drive each way there....and June refuses to be sit down for any amount of time, thus making it hard to watch both girls at the same time -- ESPECIALLY at bed time, when J refuses to fall asleep without my boobs. And really? I have no desire to be working out at midnight, folks. And putting J in the daycare there is NOT an option. So I said all that to say this -- I think I will pull out the 30 Day Shred DVD tonight. I'm contemplating posting pictures as the weeks roll on -- clothed, of course. I don't want to scare ya'll off!
In other news, Sara had her third week of Mother's Day Out this week. She always says, "I don't wanna go to school!" but she has a blast once she's there. I LOVE that it's a church program. She came home singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" today. That kind of stuff just tickles me pink! June had therapy today and she's doing well. The therapist ( her!) says that June doesn't seem to have any tightness in her arms or legs...which is awesome news! We are still awaiting the results from her ultrasound she had on Monday. I called the doctors office today but never got a call back. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that means there is no bad news.
I have one girl beside me who is falling asleep and one girl laying on my chest who is falling asleep....and a kitchen full of dirty dishes I need to take care of....and a couch full of laundry to put away...and a laundry room overflowing with dirty laundry....and floors that need to be picked up...and a workout to kick butt on. Where's that maid when I need her!

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HappyascanB said...

Don't go beating yourself up about finding time to exercise! You have plenty going on!

And, Molly will be 11 weeks old tomorrow, and we're about to go for our first walk / jog since she was born! Yeah, I soaked up all the post-pardum time I could!