Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day

Sara's first day of "school" was last Thursday, August 12. It's really just a Mother's Day Out program at the Baptist church down the road, but we LOVE it there. She had such a good time! She was so excited to go, right up until we walked in and I said goodbye. Then she FELL APART. She was clinging to me with a death grip like I've never felt before! But, we got out of there quickly and they said she calmed down shortly thereafter. Right now it's just one day a week, but when the second day opens up we'll take that slot. It does her good -- and me, too, because I schedule June's OT for that day so I don't have to juggle a bored Sara getting into every thing at their office!

Life is extremely busy still. I just told my mom this evening that I felt like if I could be all alone (read: no kids & no husband!) here for about 4 hours....I could get everything completely done. As it is, I can't keep up every day. I can barely do regular upkeep, much less try to clean everything else. So, a wreck my house will stay until I can catch up.

We are sickies in the house this week. All 4 of us have this nasty cold, and I have double mastitis, which thankfully is on the mend!

That's it for tonight....this mama is veeeery tired and I still have so much to try & get done before I go to bed! Hope ya'll have a great day!


Parsons' Post said...

Your feelings of not being able to get everything done and cleaned up totally make me feel better cause I'm right there with you! *cheers* to messy houses and happy babies! :)

- dls - said...

awweee - that's so cute with her school stuff.

hope everyone is much better!