Friday, May 21, 2010

One month old!

Here's a picture of June Claire's bulletin board. Do you see what I see?


JC broke through the three pound mark on her one month birthday! We're SO thrilled. And not only did she break three pounds...

...but the decision was made to put her back on the nasal CPAP today (that's the contraption over her face and nose). Her very first blood gas (a blood test they do to see how well the breathing accompaniment is working for the baby) was BETTER than the last one they did with the breathing tube! That's amazing! By the way -- that small orange tube you see going into her mouth is her feeding tube. She is back up on full feeds, or 26 mL every 3 hours. When she is on the ventilator, the tube goes into her nose.

She is fighting the pneumonia well, and they are pleased with the progress she's made. No other mention of spinal meningitis has been made, but I will ask them about it when I go over there in the morning. She is also becoming more and more alert, which is really nice. Unfortunately, every time I get to hold her she snuggles right up and sleeps -- only to wake up the minute they put her back in her isolette! Cheeky little girl! ;)

I love these next two pictures because her eyes are slightly open.

See that little embroidered angel sitting on June Claire's message board? That's the angel that was created and is selling for her. A wonderful, wonderful woman who owns an online embroidery company (, and my oldest sisters grandmother, designed this specifically for June Claire. If I'm not mistaken, a hummingbird has also been created now, but from someone else. We are so honored to have these people thinking of us like that. Anyway, my point was to tell ya'll that people have been buying these and praying over them, and we're starting to get them in the mail. We have that one up there and there are more that I need to put up. I think it's so wonderful to have prayers surrounding JC like that! Thank you ALL so much for all your thoughts and prayers, and all that you've done!


HappyascanB said...

Continuing to pray for y'all! Always love reading good news! YAY YAY YAY for 3 pounds!!!

Lora said...

She is looking GREAT!!! 3 lbs, that ROCKS!!!! Keep up the good work Mama, lots of thoughts and prayers for you and little miss June-bug.