Monday, May 24, 2010

Five weeks ago...

Five weeks ago this coming Wednesday, we were told our baby had a greater chance of death than she did of life. Then she was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain bleed and fought pneumonia. Two weeks ago this coming Wednesday, she stopped breathing a few times. Things did not look good and Michael and I hit our knees, begging God to either save our daughter, or to prepare our hearts if it was His plan to call her home to Him.

Today, I gave our very alert, breathing easily, wiggly little miracle her very first bath in a tiny tub. She grasped my finger as she sucked her pacifier and we fell asleep together with her snuggled up in the blankets.

I didn't take my digital camera with me to the hospital today, but I did catch a few shots with her from the disposable camera that we keep in her room. I even got a picture of her with our favorite day nurse, Carrie!

She smiled at me today! I was thrilled. I cried, of course. She was so alert. Her eyes were wide open and she was wiggling around, looking at everything she could lay her eyes on.

I have to tell you, if you have a storm you are facing -- take it to Jesus. If you have something you're unsure of in your life -- take it to Jesus. He will make any uncertainty disappear. He will heal all of your hurts and wounds. If you have a burden you are carrying, remember that He's the same today as He was before that burden appeared. There is NOTHING too big for God. ALL things are possible!


HappyascanB said...

A smile? Are you kidding me? THAT is awesome! God has totally been in control and will always be in control. Miss June is one tough cookie! God bless y'all!!

HappyascanB said...

Hey! I found the painting at a gift shop here in Macon called Chi Chesters. I'll ask the ladies next time I'm in there the company name; there's nothing on the painting to tell me who the company is. It was really reasonable considering the size - like $66, I think! They told me when I bought it that they can't keep them in stock because they're so popular!

Henry said...

Praise God!