Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm sick, AGAIN. I felt it coming on Monday -- the first day of my spring cleaning marathon -- and I thought that I had better work my tail off and get as much accomplished as possible. I felt a little worse yesterday, and spent all day up until about 5:30 cleaning hard. I was able to get the kitchen and dining room completely done, and half of the living room. It's so much harder to spring clean with a two year old! The first year Sara was born, I remember thinking to myself...this was SO much easier without a baby! Then it was, this was SO much easier when she was an infant! It takes me longer and longer each year. I still need to finish cleaning the interior shutters in the living room (one big window left, and the two small ones on either side of the front door -- wasn't able to finish yesterday because my dusting cloth needed washing!)and I need to finish shampooing the carpet. I ran out of the solution I use so I only got a small part of it done.

But I have a feeling for the next couple days I will be out of commission...then it will be time to head to my hometown for the family Easter maybe I will finish it next week. ;)

Speaking of my hometown, I'll (hopefully) be attending a big local flea market there on Saturday. I REALLY need new rugs for my kichen and to put in front of the front door, and they usually have awesome finds for super prices. I love flea markets! A church started putting this one on years ago to help benefit their church -- it started out small, but now it is H U G E! It takes me about 4 hours to go through it all! My mama and I like to get up super early and get there about 6:30. We like to eat breakfast (they have vendors who serve the BEST biscuits!) and then start shopping around 7, before the crowds pour in. It's always better to get there early to get the best choice of fruits and vegetables (that are locally grown...I love it!) and then there is one booth that sells homemade Amish cheeses and jellies/jams -- oh my WORD, they will make your mouth water! Last month I picked up smoked horseradish cheese, butter cheese, pepper colby jack, and blackberry preserves. The cheese was all really good, but the butter was a bit mild for me. The man running the booth told me it's best uesd with a sharp cheddar, like when making homemade mac and cheese, so I think I'm going to do that this week so I can use it up. The smoked horseradish was AMAZING, just so you know! I've had regular horseradish cheese and it was a bit spicy -- but the smoked one had more of a muted flavor and it really was better. I usually make my own jelly every year because my mama has two big fig trees that my grandaddy planted when we first moved on the property 22 years ago. Those trees put out more figs than you've ever seen, and they're almost as tall as the house! I think last year my aunt Laura and I put up about 20 something pints of different flavored fig preserves, about a dozen jelly jars worth, and then we used the pears from the pear tree and put up over a dozen pints of pear honey. The pear honey is unlike anything you have ever tasted in your LIFE! It's good on almost anything, even cooked down with pork chops. I'm just rambling. Can you tell I'm bored and sick? I want to be DOING something but I can't hardly get off the couch!

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