Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Halfway there!

Oh, but where does the time GO?

I am already 21 weeks pregnant. That's over halfway! And I had to look at my calendar to see if I was 21 or 22 weeks. It seems like with Sara everything went sooooo. slooooow. Maybe it was because she was our first? I don't know.

I had an OB appointment and everything looks great, except that I almost failed the 1-hour glucola screening. The cut-off is 140 and I was at 132. So, they'll retest me at 28 weeks and pray for the best.

I have been in serious nesting mode lately and have got a lot accomplished. Today was a VERY lazy day. It was supposed to have rained today (after two gorgeous days filled with sunshine) so I was determined to let Sara play outside as much as possible before the rain set in. Well...we played out there all morning (at least 2.5 hours), came in and had lunch, she went down for a nap, I got a few things done....then we played out there all afternoon and evening....and, still no rain at 7:48 PM. Hopefully it holds out and is still beautiful tomorrow, too, because we have a FULL day of playdates!

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- dls - said...

excited for you! =)