Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kodak moments


Last night, Mike rushed in from work informing me that there was a very bad storm on the way and we needed to get things put away NOW. I had no clue...we don't have cable, and I didn't have the radio on, so I just thought it was raining a bit -- not uncommon for our area right now. So he rushes outside, taking care of the patio furniture, putting the car in the garage, etc...preparing for the storm (that never came, by the way!) and I continued cooking supper. Because we have to eat, right? Our back door is in the kitchen, and as I was moving around I caught a glimpse of him holding Sara up over the fence to see the horses in the neighbors yard. (YES...we live in a subdivision...and the neighbors have 2 horses in their back yard! But we ARE in Alabama, ya'll!) He was telling her all about the horses and they were "neighing" away. I thought, "THIS is a Kodak moment!" so I rushed to grab my camera....and the batteries were dead in the stinking thing! I bet they stayed at the fence for a good 10 minutes, talking to those horses!

I am sooo siiiick today. This cold has just hit me like a concrete block. I thought I might be escaping it (Mike and Sara both had it last week) but no such luck! I am telling myself I HAVE to get better before Saturday -- my "little" cousin B is marrying his lovely bride, W -- and I am NOT missing that wedding, even if I have to show up with a surgical mask on! We have been waiting for them to tie the knot for about two years, but all in God's timing. And it's worked out perfect.

I have attacked my first big project before the baby comes: cleaning out the guest room. We STILL haven't decided what we're going to do in terms of who is getting what room, but it needs to be cleaned out regardless, so I figured I'd start there while we made our minds up. Our options are:

A) Put Sara in the guest room, keep the full size bed (which we use regularly for company -- and will continue to use in future years, since we'll never live close to our families), redecorate to something appropriate for her

B) Put Sara in the guest room, keep the full size bed, leave the decor the same as it is now, and put her back in the nursery when baby girl is big enough to be in there with her...and have two twin beds

C) Leave Sara where she is, in the toddler bed she's in, because baby girl will sleep with us for the first year or so anyway, if she's anything like Sara
I don't knooooow what to do. We *really* need to keep the full size bed because it honestly gets used 2-4 times a month. I have no fears about Sara sleeping on it, so that doesn't matter. But then I feel like if we create this nursery for baby girl, it needs to have a bed -- and since ours was on the recall list and I couldn't find all the paperwork to send in so all it's good for is a toddler bed, that means we have to buy a new one. And it bugs me to do that because I KNOW she won't sleep in it for months and months!

Opinions? Ideas? Thoughts? Aunt T and Aunt L...I know you read offer up some wisdom!

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Lora said...

I have several friends who've put their second child with their first child from the beginning and it's worked. So I'd keep things as they are for now and readjust your thinking if that's not feasible once the babe comes?