Monday, November 23, 2009

The germs have taken up official residence!

I'll spare you all the long and boring details, but in a nutshell -- Sara fell and hit her head pretty badly Saturday afternoon. She immediately started acting very lethargic and not really crying, but kind of whimpering. We comforted her for about 30 minutes, then I put her in the bath since she needed one and I thought that might help her feel better (it always makes ME feel better!). No sooner than I took her out and she started vomiting EVERYWHERE. So I'm thinking the worst (my baby just hit her head and she's acting weird and vomiting!) and we decide to take her to the ER. I was busy keeping her awake the whole time Mike was driving...and he must have been driving crazy, because we got pulled over on the way. Mike jumped out of the car and told the police officer what was going on, and he actually escorted us to the entrance to post! Of course, no sooner than we turned onto the side road, we realized there was a HUGE protest going on. Ok, seriously? Why would you close down a WHOLE GATE (one of the most main entrances -- actually, THE main entrance for those who live where we live!) for a protest? I get that they are important to the ones who put them on. But what if my baby had been dying?

Anyway, long story made not-so-short, two trips to the ER, getting thrown up on A LOT, and getting to bed at 5 am later, Sara is feeling much better and we all have a virus. All of us. Thanksgiving week. Isn't that awesome?!

On a happier note, I went to two different Goodwills last week and scored a LOT of pretty cool stuff to make over! I will be working on that this week and showing it to ya'll!

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Together We Save said...

I am so glad she is ok from the head injury. Sorry you all have the stomache bug. Yuck.