Sunday, April 5, 2009

A relaxing weekend away?

Mike went back home to Tampa this weekend to see Ben Folds in concert with his friend Jeff, so Sara, Delaney & I came to stay with my mama in Tallassee. We have been apart since Thursday night, and I must admit that while I love being in my hometown, I miss my husband and can't wait to get back to my own house.

Yesterday my mama, my Aunt Laura and her son Bo, Sara and I had a wonderful supper together. Have you ever had cornbread cake? You should try it. It's plum delicious! How funny that they call it "cornbread cake" because there's no cornbread in it. It's not anything like cornbread would taste, makes for a very good coffee cake.

Oh, by the way....thank you, God, for the rain -- but I'm ready for dry grounds and sunshine now. :)

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