Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

I'm a little late, but don't shoot me. I had half of this post made yesterday and Mike closed the computer down. I didn't have time to make it again, so I'm here today!

For those of you who don't know what Menu Plan Monday is, it's really simple. I just post my menu plan each Monday so you can see what we're eating for the week. I was telling my friend Erica this morning that the last time I went grocery shopping was on March 15, and I spent $200. I have bought about $60 since then in fresh fruit, milk, cheese, etc.... we are on Week 6 of eating from the pantry/freezer, and this puts us at an average of $43/week for groceries. Now, we have been on a couple of weekends away since then, but that's still pretty good in my opinion. Without further ado, here is our menu plan!

Breakfast: leftover apple cake
Lunch: half of a cheese quesadilla for Sara, ramen noodles for me (hey, I know -- I'm trying to clean out my freezer and pantry here!)
Supper: italian sausage brats with onion, stuffed jalapenos

Breakfast: muffins, lemon raspberry cake (had friends over for coffee)
Lunch: fried egg sandwiches
Supper: eating at a family birthday party

Breakfast: oatmeal with honey butter toast
Lunch: will be at a book club meeting so we'll have whatever is there
Supper: tuna noodle casserole (made with farfalle pasta I had in the cabinet and peas that we had left over from supper one night that I threw in the freezer), strawberry shortcake

Breakfast: grits and lemon raspberry bread
Lunch: cheese quesadillas with chips and salsa
Supper: split pea soup and cornbread

Breakfast: muffins
Lunch: leftover split pea soup
Supper: baked cajun flavored catfish with vegetable casserole

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast with pumpkin butter
Lunch: spinach, cheese, and bean quesadillas with chips and salsa
Supper: roast with onion and carrots, purple hull peas and green beans

Breakfast: toast with grape jelly and yogurt
Lunch: leftover roast with fresh corn
Supper: clean out the fridge/leftovers

I'll have to let you know how it goes!

In other news, we just got back from a wonderful weekend getaway to Orange Beach. We went with my father's side of the family. My youngest sister Allie had a softball tournament there, and it was the first ball game I've been able to see her play in since I got married so it was nice. All the fun in the sun led to little miss Sara sleeping all day yesterday, which was a-ok with me!

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