Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't you love the look on her face? "Don't mess with me....I've got my cup!" She is a handful. This morning she put herself in the corner (for no apparent reason) and started crying. I knelt down beside her to say that she wasn't in trouble....then I noticed she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye. And then she giggled. She was putting on a show for mama. Is she mocking us? At only 18 months? I think I'm in for it!

As you may know, I am turning into quite the frugal housewife. I recently discovered the ECB (Extra Care Bucks) system at CVS. If you haven't taken advantage of this, you really should! I'm one visit in and well on my way to never paying for toiletries again! For your first visit, be prepared to dish out a bit of cash. This week they had Coke's (I know, I know...but I send them to work with Mike!) 3/$11. If you used your ECB card, you got $3 cash back on it. That's really like getting them 3/$8, or $2.67 each! I don't know if you've noticed, but they are upwards of $4 elsewhere these days. I also got Colgate toothpaste, which was $2.99, with $2.00 back on your ECB card. Already I have $5 to use next time! It's almost like a game now. I can't wait for the next circular to come around!

I wasn't planning on grocery shopping this week, but I had to go to Winn Dixie for a few things for the meal plan this week and I caved a bit. I ended up spending $63.47 (although $19.02 was at the hot bar...I'm still learning how to be frugal! I need to learn to plan my time and days better so that there is no eating out, I know) but I saved $16.74 with my rewards card and manufacturer coupons. Yay for saving money! I have set up a grocery and household budget of $200 per month, or $50 per week. Yes, I believe I can stick to it. :) We shall see!

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