Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are you ready to be swarmed with pictures?

When our old (not so old, actually!) camera broke on us shortly after Sara came along, my mom lent us her HP camera to get us through until we had the money saved to buy a really nice one. It's an older model, but has been faithful to us thus far...even though it likes to eat the battery life. Thank God for rechargeable batteries! I was having to take it to Wal-Mart and put all of the pictures on a CD to upload onto the computer (which could get expensive at $2.50 per CD!), but she found her camera cord and software CD while spring cleaning today. Thank the Lord! Now I will be able to put pictures up more often AND more easily. Can't beat that with a stick. :)

As some of you might know, Michael is most likely deploying to Afghanistan in October. I am having a hard time with it. It is affecting my attitude and my soul a little more every day. I am very happy to say that tonight I finally turned it all over to the Lord and will trust Him to take us through! I don't know why I couldn't/didn't do that before. I wasn't even expecting it. I was saying goodnight prayers with Sara as I was putting her to bed and suddenly I was on my knees, crying, and pouring out my soul. It feels good to be "free" of such a worry! I'm sure my husband will rejoice in the change in my manner, as well. 

Life seems to be so busy lately. My goal for this week is to slow down and enjoy the little moments. I'll let you know next Sunday how that went!

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