Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Translant Life: Day +6

Well, things went off Wednesday wihout a hitch.
My donors cells arrived and I was hooked up by 11 a.m. or so.
It only took about an hour....and then I had this mans cells in my body.
It's so weird. I know he must be a kind, generous man to donate bone marrow to save someones life.
But I wonder.


Last Wednesday (transplant day) went off well.
No complications.
We received word around 10 AM that my donors cells had arrived,
and around 10:45 we were ready to proceed.
It's kind of weird, if you think about it.
I know little about this person. I know he is a white 27 year old male.
I know he must be a kind, giving man to willingly  choose to go through this process to save someone's life.
But I wonder.

I wonder if he's married. What he does for a living. What color eyes he has. Does have children? Does he wonder about me? Does he know he is saving the life of a young wife and mother?
What does my body look like on the inside with his cells there?
It's So. Weird.
I've been having a time with nausea, but nothing too severe I'm sill able to eat, although not nearly as much as before - which is probably  good thing!
My counts are all low, but I haven' had to be transfused - yet.
I'm sure it's coming, though.
I am having issues with a high heart rate, but I've had  these issues before
and they are not too serious. We are talking about medicine if it continues.
Easily controlled.
I'm blessed that we've had friends and family come up.
Thursday, the Tubbs came and brought a ig goody basket filled with sacks.
and Jessica - thanks for reading my blog and suggesting the v8 juice!
They have really hit the spot.
Other family members have been coming, too. It's s nice to break up the days!
I miss this fellow, though. He's back at home, being SuperDad and taking care of the girls, the dog, the house, and work. I don't have to worry....much....because he is pretty good at it. :)
**I wrote this yesterday with intentions to publish it today (Tuesday) but some things changed and I wanted to include them. Over the past 24 hors I have developed two serious ulcers in my mouth, one on each side and originating from the wisdom tooth pocket area They are SO painful. It is hard to eat or drink anything due to the  pain. But this morning, I gave in and let them give me some pain medicine - and it's helped SO much. I'm now ontwo different mouth washes plus the pain meds as needed, and even though I'm sleeping my life away (it's 3 pm and I just woke up for the day) it's good because I'm not fighting so much pain an I'm getting the rest I need to heal. I also received a platelet infusion this morning. My platelets were at 5 and the threshold for infusion is at 10.
Please remember us in your prayers as I continue to heal from this and my family helps me. 
Pray the children don't get sick and my husband stays well too so that I can see them over the weekend.! 

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